Anonymous asked:
is bmth and adtr coming to maryland??

Look, all the dates are right here

Anonymous asked:
Are bmth and adtr coming to Florida in their tour? I saw the picture and it had **** next to one place :(

Yeah they’re going to Orlando!

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Anonymous asked:
Hi again! lol I'm the anon who asked about what to expect at the concert, it's the parks & devastation tour! It is in the US and tickets are on sale now. Thank you so much for answering my question btw it really helped a lot :)

Oh okay thanks :). Of course when they’ll be anywhere close to me I’ll be at school… ): . But I’m glad I could help :)!

Anonymous asked:
Hey :) I'm going to an ADTR and BMTH concert in October and I was just wondering what to expect bc I've never been to either of their concerts before and I'm a little nervous about it..

Ahh! So excited for you! What is this tour? Is it in the US? Now I feel like I might be missing out! Haha. But uhm - so I’ve been to 3 ADTR concerts and 1 BMTH, and I guess the best thing to recommend for anyone is DON’T BE SCARED. Their crowds go nuts, and are usually more guy populated than girls. Expect lots of moshing and crowd surfing (if the venues allow). Oli especially likes to shout about walls of death soo that could be expected too. If you want to avoid the pit, stay towards the front or the back, because the middle is where it’s at. But if you’ve been to other shows I’m sure you know all of this. :). I wish you the best! I’m sure you’re going to have a blast!